Having the positive Skill Assessment outcome for the nominated position is one of the requirements for most skilled migration application in Australia. Many people find it challenging to choose the right title for their skill assessment. Both onshore and offshore migration application require to have the positive skill assessment outcome to make the migration application successful. Expired or unsuitable skill assessment outcome can result into the visa application decline.

Legally recognised relevant professional bodies in Australia assess the Australian and international qualification as per the Australian standards. These organization also assess the professional experiences, if you wish to claim points for your migration application in Australia.

Our professional team at Oceania Education Solutions, can help you to choose the right skill assessment for you based upon your qualification and/or experiences.

Common skill assessment types:

Provisional or Subclass 485 Skill Assessment

This type of skill assessment is applicable only for recent eligible Australian educational institute graduate, who wish to apply for Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) application. Provisional skill assessment issued for Temporary Residency – subclass 485 is not a full skill assessment and is not a suitable skill assessment for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa such as subclass 189, 190, and 489.

Full Skill Assessment

Different professional bodies impose different requirements for the full skill assessment. Some skill assessment bodies request for work experience as mandatory with minimum English language score while others satisfy with just higher level of IELTS.

We are pleased to assist you for the skill assessment application.

Skill Assesment Australia