"!!! Right courses at the right time for your professional career on your choice."

No one can deny or will deny the importance of education in our life. But, it becomes more important to choose the right education provider and the right courses when you have an ample of choices. Because more choices mean more confusion.

But there's no more confusion when Oceania Education Solutions helps you to select the right Courses and Universities. We believe the education you choose will lead you to the successful career path. Our counsellors will guide you to choose the best course for you providing a wide range options from the range of reputed Universities and Colleges in Australia.

Education Counsel Australia

Australia has been one of the most favourite destinations for international student because Australia offers multicultural environment, have accessibility to world top ranking universities at an affordable cost, and provide safe study environment with no tolerance for discrimination based on race, ethnicity and colour etc.

Among the developed countries, Australia is a dynamic and vibrant English speaking country offering excellent value for its quality of education and living standard in the friendly, safe and multicultural society. Australian universities and colleges also offers scholarship for international student on a merit basis. Sky is the limit for your academic research and demonstration where universities are very supportive regardless of international or domestic students. Australian degrees are recognized by world leading business and academic institution across the globe.

Australia offers the educational and professional experience that makes the real difference in career development for international student. After the completion of their study in Australia, an eligible international student can get Temporary Residency allowing them to work full time in order to get world class industry experience of world leading business in Australia. Although, it is highly encouraged to achieve their academic goal and go back to home country to serve the nation’s best interest, Australia also welcome eligible applicant to settle in Australia permanently.

Australia primarily offers Vocational Educational and Training (VET), Higher Education (Public, Private University and private institute) level courses for domestic and international student in the tertiary level qualification.

Education Counsel Australia

After successful completion of year 12 or equivalent level of course, students can apply for courses in Certificate (I, II, III, IV), Diploma and Advanced Diploma level course in TAFE (government funded colleges) or in registered private colleges, if they do not meet the direct entry requirements for bachelor level courses in higher education provider (non-university) or in University.

We represent all three types of education provider to provide the tailored services to each of our clients. Meet our young, energetic and friendly team members to get the strategic advantage of offshore and onshore offices for your complete solutions in a professional manner.

VET Sector

Completion of Diploma level courses from Australian accredited education provider helps students to get admission in higher education level as well as make them eligible to get exemption for their higher education. Different levels of study require different subclass of student visa as per the migration law and regulations in Australia. Please, contact our professional team if you are not sure which visa subclass you are currently holding or you need to apply for. Breaching the visa condition may lead your visa cancellation.

Mismatching the visa subclass during the study period is also considered as a breach of visa condition. Thus, getting the right advice from the authorized and professional agent is crucial for your education and migration endeavour for your settlement and career advancement in Australia.

VET courses are fundamental drivers for skilled Australian Workforce because courses are designed to equip student with work-related skills to commence the work or to enhance their skills in the workplace. These courses are found employer preferred qualifications in Australian job market.

Higher Education

Independent, self-governing public and private universities higher education institute award higher education qualification in Australia. Australia has 38 public and 3 private universities as well as many private higher education institutes that offer higher education degrees.

Undergraduate course:
Course Duration
Bachelor Degree (General) 3 years full time study or equivalent part time
Bachelor Degree (Professional) 4 yeas full time study or equivalent part time
Bachelor Degree + Honours 3-4 fours full time + 1 year successful completion allows entry to a research Masters or Doctorate
Graduate Diploma Half years to one year
Graduate Certificate Generally half a year
Postgraduate course:
Course Duration
Master by coursework 1-2 years full time study or equivalent
Master by Research 1-2 years full time study or equivalent
Doctoral Degree 3-5 years full time study or equivalent

International student visa holders are required to study full time load during the session hours. Twenty hours study per week is considered full time academic load in Australia.

Computer science/Information System/Information Technology
Accounting/Management and Business
Health Science/Nursing
Hospitality and Cookery

Getting academic qualification based on professional experience and prior learning. We also assist our client for their experience assessment for the academic qualification in Australia based on relevant past experience.

Based on your previous qualification in overseas and/or in Australia, you may be eligible for subject exemptions or credit for your higher education in Australia which reduces your number of subjects you need to study for the completion of your current degree.

We help international student to:

  • Assess past studies, professional experience and current circumstances
  • Choose the right course at right education provider
  • Prepare the right document to submit to course provider
  • Apply for Offer Letter and CoE
  • Apply for right visa
Offer Letter Stage

It is the first stage for the international student to get admission in Australian education providers. Valid passport, evidence of English language such as IELTS, academic qualifications, statement of purpose and evidence of employment if applicable.

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Stage

This is the second and one of the most crucial stage of getting admission in Australian education provider. Evidence of financial support, Offer acceptance, payment fees, health insurance and other documents are required to request CoE. You can commence your study if you are already in Australia else you are required to lodge visa to travel and stay in Australia. (Image with CoE header)


This is another most important milestone in studying in Australia. Get assistance with our professional team to apply for your visa and feel peace of mind. (Australia Visa image).

Commence Study

Student are required to attend orientation class and must enrol for the session before starting their actual class. Student need to make notes for the census dates as they are very important for you during the academic session.